Soaring Forecasts with Dr. Jack

27 Jul

The best source of soaring forecasts in N. America is provided by “Dr. Jack” Glendenning, a sailplane pilot based in California.  The Canadian Rockies Soaring Club in Invermere, BC, has sponsored one of his BLIPSPOT forecasts for that location.

The BLIPSPOT forecasts contain a wealth of information allowing pilots to assess the day’s flying conditions much better than is possible using the public forecast or even an aviation forecast like the GFA

Two versions of Dr. Jack’s forecasts are available for the Invermere area. One is the text version containing all major parameters on one page.  The other is an index page where you can select, and view, full-colour maps showing the variability of the parameters over a wider range (the whole NW US – SW Canada area).  Further, Dr. Jack provides access to forecasts produced using both RUC and NAM models.

It costs $20/year for full access to Dr. Jack’s forecasts. For $50/year, you can sponsor a BLIPSPOT forecast for your location. Well worth it!


(submitted by e-mail)

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