Bluetooth on your iPod Touch

10 Mar

What? Your iPod Touch doesn’t have Bluetooth? Why, that’s a shame. Didn’t you hear about the new refresh of the model in early January? It was going to be a “Just One More Thing” item in Steve’s presentation but it got chopped for lack of time. Anyway, I got mine soon after and was delighted to see it had this new feature. Now I’m using external bluetooth headphones, external keyboard for text input, getting internet by tethering to my Bluetooth-equipped phone, and the best part – external bluetooth GPS for navigation!

Well, those would be sure nice features for everyone to have, and we can sure hope that Apple introduces them in the next upgrade. In the meantime, we Touch users can install the Bluetooth app on our jailbroken units and experience a tiny little frisson of excitement every time we see that icon.

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