Mobile GPS tracklogs and photo geotagging with the Nokia N82

25 Aug
I've got to say that Nokia's Sport Tracker application running on the GPS-enabled Nokia N82 phone is pretty slick.  It doesn't get any easier than this!

Before today's lunchtime run, I started the app, waited a few seconds for a GPS fix, then pressed the Start button. Then I put the phone in my pocket (after locking the keypad, of course).  Half-way during the run, our group stopped for a photo, which I took with the phone's 5 MPx camera. At the end of the run, I pressed the Stop button, then "Upload to service".   The app asked me if I wanted to upload any associated photos along with the details of my run. When I said 'sure', it searched my phone's memory and found the pictures taken during the run. It geotagged them (marked them with the latitude and longitude where they were taken), then uploaded them to Nokia's special server for Sport Tracker activities.  You can see my activity here:

Naturally this requires you to have a data plan with your cellular provider. I'm taking advantage of Rogers' offer of 6 GB for $30/month.

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