Saturday in Salvador

22 Jan

Benvindo ao Brasil!

A few pictures from a lazy afternoon wandering around Salvador, Bahía, Brazil. 

The signs says you’d be stupid to touch this tree. I wish I knew what it’s called. 


The same old fruit stand I pass by every day at lunch while here for two weeks on a work assignment. The green fruit in the foreground are umbú, followed by orangey cirigüela, red acerola, then several kinds of manga

Typical road-side fruit stand. Lots of coconuts for sale here:

A small urban park on the way to Salvador Shopping:

Anyone who can afford it lives in one of these gated condominium communities:

These guava cactus are nothing special in Brazil, but it’s still unusual to a Canadian to see these growing outdoors:

Either business is down, or else no one buys home furnishings in the summer, because there were several blocks of these stores all offering big discounts or else rapid delivery (“pronta entrega”):

Calgary’s architects and developers could learn a thing or two from Brazilians – this is the headquarters of a local business group:

Toronto’s Eaton’s Centre?  No, it’s Salvador Shopping, quite a swanky place:

Bring the outdoors indoors! A great idea for a local business, and sure a welcome change from the usual kids’ fun-park:

Snack time! Salada de frutas, suco de cajá, pastel de frango com catupiry, e um café com leite bem forte e quente!

Brightly coloured residences seem to be in vogue, judging by recent construction:

Just another afternoon at the beach for the locals:

When you take public transport, you get to see parts of the city that you would otherwise miss. 
This is where the masses live:

And after a trip to another shopping centre (Barra), here comes my bus home!

Last look at the coast as the sun sets:

I hope you enjoyed this brief tour through a part of Salvador, capital of Bahía, Brazil. 

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