First flights on Nova Mentor 2

21 Apr

I took delivery of a new Nova Mentor 2 paraglider just before the final weekend of skiing at Panorama Resort near Invermere, BC. Good timing, because that weekend was our annual Easter Fly-In (a little early this year).  So, after a speed-wing flight to dust off the mental cobwebs, I was back at the Cappucino Hut launch location with my brand-new wing, ready to fly it for the first time. Conditions were ideal all day long, with light winds and a few weak thermals to add some excitement mid-day: on my third flight I was able to circle for 10 minutes in one location (see all those red circles?) :


I’ve put together a short video bringing together elements of the three flights, hopefully giving you an idea of what it’s like to fly at Panorama.  Oh, the folding wing tip?  I was testing out the behaviour of the glider, simulating the kind of effect that strong turbulence could have.  The glider did pretty well: even with nearly half the wing folded, it showed little tendency to dive and roll. I like this! 

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