20 Aug

Yesterday my dad was doing really well. They were able to get him up into a custom wheel chair, where he stayed for several hours. The nurses and doctors were all really surprised by this, and really happy to see his progress. They have also fixed the sleeping medication he was on, and last night finally slept through the night. He awoke restful and non-drowsy, as with the previous mornings. He has gone the whole morning and now part of the afternoon awake.
Today their plan is to get him up to his chair again, and then hopefully for a walk. They are also now trying to get him off of the norepinephrine (which is increasing his blood pressure). Once that is done, he no longer needs to be on a life-support monitor, and can be moved to a better floor. Once he’s off that monitor, he will also be able to go outside, which would be really great for him right now. He is also now off of the oxygen that he was on! They will continue to monitor his oxygen saturation, and hopefully won’t need to go back on that! So far he’s been off of it for 5 hours with no problems.
Everyone here is really amazed by the progress he’s made, and have all been really encouraging.
Thank-you all for your kind emails. I will respond to them when things settle down a little.

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