23 Aug

Yesterday was a really busy and adventurous day. My dad didn’t have the best sleep the night before, and was really tiered in the morning. He was also feeling like a “prisoner” as he felt trapped in his bed, and was just waiting and waiting for things to happen. The nurse suggested we create a schedule for my dad, so that he knows when things are happening, and doesn’t feel so out of control. 

In the morning they tried again to ween him off of the norepinephrine (blood pressure increaser) and were successful this time! This allowed him to get in his chair, and go outside! What a great difference that made for my dad! It was 30 degrees outside yesterday, and we got to sit on a lovely balcony in the sun. We were able to stay out there for a couple hours before coming inside. Once back inside, they told us that my dad is now ready to be moved out of the icu and up to the spinal floor! 

the spinal unit is definitely a world different than icu. For starters, it’s in the old building, and definitely isn’t as nice as the icu. The room my dad got has no walls or doors, just curtains, and is also located near the nurses station so it’s really loud. Hopefully they’ll be able to find him a better room soon. 

My dad’s right wrist is still able to rock slightly, and my dad is super excited about that, and it’s giving him hope that he’ll soon be able to move that arm. 

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