24 Aug

Today was another day outside in the sun! My dad is really enjoying these little trips outside, and I think now he’s going to start demanding it everyday! It gives him some freedom, and gets him out of the same room he’s in all the time. 

Today they moved him down a couple rooms in the same unit, where it’s a lot quieter, and also has a door! I think tonight he’ll get a much better sleep.

Physio came in today, and told my dad his muscles are looking good, with no stiffness or contractions. They also said that they will soon start taking him to the gym and get him started on stretching and working on movement.

Other than that it was a pretty quiet day.

My dad wanted to thank all of you for being so patient with the visiting. My dad’s energy isn’t coming back as quickly as he’d hoped, and is still not sleeping at night. We’re both really thankful that you are all being so patient and letting him rest and heel. I will keep you posted on when he is up for visitors. Thanks 

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