Today was a day of successes!

26 Aug

Today was the first day my dad got to go to the gym to begin his rehab! They got him to begin with just neck stretches and strength building. Next they got him to sit up on the floor mat, which yesterday they didn’t think he would be able to do, but he did it! He was able to sit up straight, with minimal help with balance!

After returning to his room, the physio therapist came in and told us that she believes he is ready to move to the spinal rehab floor. This is unbelievable news, considering they thought he would probably be on this unit for about a month. The physio therapist isn’t the one who makes the final decision on him moving to that floor, but it’s a start. Once they approve his transfer, he will be put on a waiting list, as the spinal rehab floor is quite full, which they think will take 1-2 weeks. 

Later on in the afternoon, my dads doctor came in to talk with him for a bit. He had not seen my dad in about a week, and was extremely pleased with his progress. First off, he couldn’t believe how loud my dad’s voice was, as usually patients with this type of injury have trouble getting power back in their voice. Secondly, he was really impressed that my dad has not had any complication,  causing him to return on a ventilator, or return to ICU. Is also agrees that my dad is probably ready to be moved to the spinal rehab floor, but it’s not his decision to make either. 

My dad was also able to go outside again today. I think he has enjoyed being outside so much the past few days, he is insisting they let him go out everyday! 

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