Royal Wave

28 Aug

My dad is getting more and more movement in his arms! Friday we noticed that when we hold his arm up vertically, with his elbow on a table, he is able to twist his whole forearm, almost like a royal wave :). His rocking of his wrist when it’s lying flat on the table is also getting a lot stronger. And all of this without a day of physio! 

Well, sort of. The physio he’s been doing has been for his neck and shoulders. Tomorrow he will go back to the gym, and continue advancing with the movements. 

Today the nurses told us he will most likely be moving to the other side of the unit, which is for the more stable patients. There he will get a slightly bigger room, and a tv. Not too exciting for my dad, as he doesn’t even own a tv at home! At least it’s a move in the right direction. 

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