Delayed Update

8 Sep

Sorry I haven’t made a post in a few days. Things have been pretty quiet at the hospital the past week. Because of the long weekend, my dad didn’t have physio or anything else to create news about. I have also started school this week, which has kept me away from spending long hours at the hospital. Next week I start my clinical, which thankfully is at foothills hospital, so I will be able to spend more time with my dad. 

Last week after my dad’s failed swallow assessment, the physician was talking about taking my dad’s feeding tube out of his nose. These nasogastric tubes are not meant to be in for a long period of time, as they can cause breakdown of the sensitive tissues in his nose. They also think that the tube down his throat may be irritating, and causing his sore throat, which may be inhibiting his swallowing. The alternative to the nasogastric tube is a called a “peg” tube, and is inserted directly into his stomach. My dad had this done to him today, and I heard it went well. I will see him later tonight, and post on how the procedure went.

My grandparents will be here as of tonight for the weekend. I think it’ll be a really good weekend for my dad, finally being able to see his parents. 

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