Weekend update

19 Sep

My dad’s sister was here all weekend, so I took the opportunity to be away from the hospital this weekend, which was hard, but needed. I went to see him last night, and was amazed by the progress he’s made over the weekend. 

First of all, they have adjusted the sleeping pills my dad has been on, as well as adjusted his bedtime routine, and he was able to get a full nights sleep! Sleeping has been a constant issue for my dad, and hasn’t really had a good sleep since he got to the hospital. A couple nights last week he ended up staying awake all night, which caused him to miss his physio appointments during the day. What a relief for him to have all this sorted out now, so he has enough energy to continue on with his rehab. 

One night this weekend, he had a small fever, and the doctors decided to put him on antibiotics just incase. They still don’t know what caused the fever, but wanted to be safe. He hasn’t had a fever since, and doesn’t have any infection as far as they know. He’ll be on antibiotics for a couple more days. 

During my dad’s walk, my aunt Jenny rolled my dad up to the wheel chair door, and my dad was able to lift his arm up, and hit the automatic door opener button! I couldn’t believe it when she told me this. Hopefully I will see it with my own eyes, and take a video of it soon. 

All in all, my dad is doing well, and is eagerly continuing on with his rehab. Email me if you want to come see him, as he is enjoying having the 1-2 visitors everyday.

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