Message from Stewart

22 Sep

Buried alive 

I was moved to a new room which unfortunately is right next to the elevator bay. The elevators beep every time someone gets to the floor. It’s like an alarm clock all night long. So I asked for my door to be kept shut. I woke at 3am to discover my night nurse had put my call bell out of reach. So I had no way of summoning help, and no one could hear me. It felt a little bit like being buried alive. While I didn’t have any problems, the thought that I couldn’t summon help kept me awake the rest of the night. 

Too much stuff

I still have a private room, but I share a bathroom with a next door neighbour. Soon after being placed in the new room, my next door neighbour started complaining. There was too much stuff in the bathroom. What he meant was, he didn’t like my comode chair in “his” bathroom. I should mention my neighbour has a brain injury and has been in the hospital nearly 2 years. The easy solution was to put the comode chair in my room. 

Kind Words

When you have an accident and die, all your friends gather around and say nice things about you after wards. But I had an accident and didn’t die, and all my friends have gathered around and said nice things. These kind words are giving me the strength to carry on. Thank-you for your love and affection.

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