Weekend update

16 Oct

My dad’s speech pathologist came in on friday, and said that my dad is now allowed to drink fluids! Before he was limited to just water, and pureed foods, so he’s pretty excited to be able to drink juices and milk and coffee. 

My dad has been having shivering fits lately, and they figured out it’s because he is hypersensitive to hot/cold. They have adjusted the temperature in his room to compensate. This has kinda affected our walks, as it’s not quite warm enough to do our long circuit anymore. He goes outside for very brief walks now. He also brings several blankets and wool sweaters with us. 

This morning he was able to fead himself all by himself! Usually someone would hold his elbow up, and he could do the rest. 

Other than that, not much is new. He’s continuing with his rehab, and continuing to improve on driving his power chair. 

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