Updates and visits

18 Oct

Yesterday my dad attended a cooking class offered for the paraplegics and quadraplegics on his unit. It wasn’t really a cooking class, but rather a group of people cooking together. They had electrical frying pans that you could place on a table, so that the people in wheelchairs could cook. They made club house sandwiches and a fruit pizza for dessert. Unfortunately, my dad is still on pureed foods, so he couldn’t eat any of the food, but he enjoyed being able to interact with the other patients on his unit. We then went back upstairs for my dad’s lunch that he could eat- pureed mac and cheese (which he made me put ketchup on..), pureed peas, cream of mushroom soup, and pureed strawberry cheesecake. 

Later that day, my dad got to try out another power chair. This one had a few more options than the last, such as having the ability to recline. The physiotherapist said that she thinks he’s ready to start training to use the elevators, and drive around the unit. She’s hoping that soon he’ll be able to use this wheel chair as his main one, so he can go around the unit as he pleases, instead of having someone need to push him.


This coming week (Thursday 20-thursday 21) I will be out of town, and my dad has decided he doesn’t want to schedule visits during that time. He would like to have a week off of visitors, and it will be hard for him to have to schedule them as well. If anyone is from out of town, and is coming in that week, he will make the exception for them. Please text my dad (403-708-9262) if your coming to calgary next week and would like to visit. Otherwise, continue sending me emails for your preferred times/days for the following week, and I will schedule you in when I return. Thanks for your understanding. 

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