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3 Jun

was a bit of an adventure: I left the hospital by myself on my power wheelchair, boarded a bus to north hill mall, then took the C-train all the way to Somerset. Then I wheeled about 10 blocks further to visit my girlfriend. The whole trip took just under 2 hours, and then of course another 2 hours on the way home.

I’m struck by the deplorable station of Calgary’s urban sprawl.

Anaerobic threshold

2 Jun

On Friday I had the best exercise session since my accident : 30 minutes of hand cycling. After 20 minutes of aerobic exercise, I pushed past the anaerobic threshold and managed to hold power level 2 for a minute. That got my heart rate up to around 170. It felt great to be back on the path toward cardiovascular health!

Video 2 Jun

On Thursday I had a chance to stand in a standing frame / elliptical trainer for 30 minutes, while my physical trainer moved the arm levers, which in turn moved my legs to slide back and forth like on a pair of cross country skis. It felt rather strange to see my legs moving, but at the same time rather wonderful!