pancake breakfast

8 Jul

This morning I got help to get me up extra early, then I grabbed 419 community bus and went down to the hillhurst sunnyside community center, where my provincial mla, doctor david swann, was hosting a pancake breakfast.

I let him know about the chronic shortage of long term care beds in Calgary. The conservative government has not added infrastructure to keep up with the increase in population over the past decade. As a result, someone literally has to die in order for someone new to get into a care facility.

I also got a chance to make the same point to kent hehr, mla for calgary buffalo riding. kent has a particular awareness for the subject, because he is a high level quadriplegic.

After my work was done, it was time to socialize. I met raj sharman, the alberta liberal leader, followed by bob rae, the federal liberal leader. The best was saved for last: I got to meet justin trudeau. My dad worked with his dad 25 years ago.

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