8 Dec

Merhaba Nasilsiniz. Hi Stewart when I heard about the accident those two words came to my mind right away as you always say when you see me. I heard from Patrick Ahern about your accident and was very sad to hear it. What do you do… You can sit in front of a tv and will be just fine but is that life; or you can get out there and do the things you love, feel that you are alive and take some risks. I guess that’s what we all do. From what i am reading you are already quite bit ahead for recovery, a big part of the recovery will be keeping your spirits up and maintaing your optimism. I am hopefull that you will get a lot better and one day will come to the fitness room again and say merhaba nasilsiniz. Take good care of yourself and I am wishing you all the best and praying for you.

Gokhan Coskuner

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