Movement rocks!!!!

8 Dec

Totally exciting news that your right hand has movement Stewart. That is thrilling and significant.

Have to admit I have spent way too much time reading internet medical and testimonials from other individuals who are sharing personal and profound details of their experience after similar accidents. Hopefully I will be able to wean myself off – not sure if this is how I should be spending my time : )

Also, went to BowFlow today w Darrell and her girlfriend, Shannon. Was HOT, pretty well organized and well attended. Great music available – jazz, local musicians and a dude scratching out the tunes in front of some kind of hip bus with requisite hulla hoops available for everyone to try a spin on. Shannon and I did this for awhile. : )

BikeCalgary had good info available (we spoke w Jeff Grutz for a minute and he mentioned you) and the booths for BikeBike and MEC were fabulous. Sean had quite a few cargo bikes for people to take a spin on and lots of folks were keen. MEC were doing a great job of giving people tuneups. And Calgary Transit had a bus with their draw for two gorgeous folding bikes. I would have entered, but I didn’t take any cash (stupid!!). Anyways, the fellow from CT was very friendly, all the cash was going to the UW and there was the opportunity to put your bike on the bike carrier – an older gentleman came along and wanted to do this – so I said so long.

Again, thrilled with your news – and good job being honest and engaging on your blog. Take good care, l

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