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Movement rocks!!!!

8 Dec

Totally exciting news that your right hand has movement Stewart. That is thrilling and significant.

Have to admit I have spent way too much time reading internet medical and testimonials from other individuals who are sharing personal and profound details of their experience after similar accidents. Hopefully I will be able to wean myself off – not sure if this is how I should be spending my time : )

Also, went to BowFlow today w Darrell and her girlfriend, Shannon. Was HOT, pretty well organized and well attended. Great music available – jazz, local musicians and a dude scratching out the tunes in front of some kind of hip bus with requisite hulla hoops available for everyone to try a spin on. Shannon and I did this for awhile. : )

BikeCalgary had good info available (we spoke w Jeff Grutz for a minute and he mentioned you) and the booths for BikeBike and MEC were fabulous. Sean had quite a few cargo bikes for people to take a spin on and lots of folks were keen. MEC were doing a great job of giving people tuneups. And Calgary Transit had a bus with their draw for two gorgeous folding bikes. I would have entered, but I didn’t take any cash (stupid!!). Anyways, the fellow from CT was very friendly, all the cash was going to the UW and there was the opportunity to put your bike on the bike carrier – an older gentleman came along and wanted to do this – so I said so long.

Again, thrilled with your news – and good job being honest and engaging on your blog. Take good care, l

Love from Kaleden

8 Dec

I don’t know whether you were able to fix the posting so we can submit but I thought I would try.  We are so happy to hear the little bits of progress that you are making Stewart.  We know you are always up for challenges. Your picture in the wheelchair gave me a flashback of sitting with Sean in the hospital so many years ago.  I think he had to have the same haircut.  Ceara, we often talk about you translating what your Dad was saying back when you were just a tot – and now you are doing it again.  Thank you.  It is so hard to believe you and Andrew are grown up now – your Dad is very lucky to have you both there with him.  We are thinking of you all.  Stewart, we know your strong will and determination is going to help you move on.  Audrey & Sean.


8 Dec


Both Cathy-Anne and I are with you pal. I think of you often and send the positive stuff your way. I know if anyone can deal with this and make it work it is you.

I remember with fondness your smiling face prior to our departure to Nelson.

I can still see that twinkle in your eyes on the photo of you in the hospital, that sure is one big bouger hanging out your nose.

I will get on the visit list and see you soon.

Keep smiling, keep looking up.

Your friends, John and Cathy-Anne

Very very sorry to hear of your accident

8 Dec

Hi Stewart,

I have been up here at Mile 120 of the Alaska Hwy for quite a while but should be headed home within the week. I will drop by for a visit. I will check first to see if you are “receiving”.



8 Dec

Merhaba Nasilsiniz. Hi Stewart when I heard about the accident those two words came to my mind right away as you always say when you see me. I heard from Patrick Ahern about your accident and was very sad to hear it. What do you do… You can sit in front of a tv and will be just fine but is that life; or you can get out there and do the things you love, feel that you are alive and take some risks. I guess that’s what we all do. From what i am reading you are already quite bit ahead for recovery, a big part of the recovery will be keeping your spirits up and maintaing your optimism. I am hopefull that you will get a lot better and one day will come to the fitness room again and say merhaba nasilsiniz. Take good care of yourself and I am wishing you all the best and praying for you.

Gokhan Coskuner

Hi Stewart

8 Dec

So happy to hear of your progress. Sounds like every day is better than the last and lucky you to be able to get outside now to soak up all that healing sunshine.

We hope your progress doubles and triples daily and you will soon be out of the hospital.

Sending you lots of healing thoughts                                                                   

Rose and Aaron


hand cycling at last

7 Dec

Hand cycling at last, at the Olympic Oval, with Steven Burke, the Canadian Paralympic coach. This was my first day making any real progress with the bike, thanks to specialized quad grips. On the other bike beside me is Patti Gustek, also a c4 C 5 quad., and likely even keener than I am.

Autonomic dysreflexia

2 Dec

Well I survived my most serious autonomic dysreflexia episode yet last night. The end of my Foley catheter must have been jammed in the bladder outlet. As a result, my blood pressure went through the roof, and I experienced kind of headache you would rather die from. While being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, I noticed that my blood pressure was 212 over 144: right up there in stroke territory. This morning I had my catheter changed out , and I’m slowly on the mend. Whew!