Don’t say it

8 Jun

Things not to say to the spouse of someone in a wheelchair:These things

One Response to “Don’t say it”

  1. Sally Midwinter June 8, 2013 at 09:55 #

    Thanks for the heads up on avoiding inappropriate sentiments regarding those whose lives involve a wheelchair. Previously, the awkwardness would have registered one step back… a surreptitious glance and a move awkwardly away. Society in general has recently become more aware/worldly regarding medical conditions that result in immobility. In Calgary, at the hotel’s breakfast dining room, for instance, I was quite delighted by the pleasant assistance of a guest who could understand your Dad’s awkwardness in finding a suitable chair. He took pleasure in helping us, saying his father’s situation was similar to ours, was in fact both helpful and cordial in the way he presented himself in showing concern for our comfort. Many people prefer to ignore those who are handicapped.

    A wonderfully happy moment portrayed in the photo of you with Ceara following her graduation exercises. How thrilled are we all to share in the celebration of her accomplishments. You are also to be congratulated, Stewart, as is Cathy. We are thrilled! And, it was a great treat to have had her visit!

    Love, Ma.



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