25 Jun

On Tuesday evening I managed to surpass my previous mark, and complete 15 laps to the dining room and back. I estimate this amounts to about 450 meters.

The following morning I tried pushing my manual chair outside and could get absolutely nowhere. I guess my arms were warn out!

One Response to “Fifteen”

  1. Sally Midwinter June 27, 2013 at 18:45 #

    Hi Stewart, and Julie: I sometimes have the impression that you enjoy competitive sport, Stewart. Am I right? Even if it is with yourself, your own records serve to stand as the competitor. Of course, quite obvious. How is it that you’ve been so influenced by that pursuit? All quite understandable.

    Much have I suffered recently, determined to provide a volume of service almost impossible in this household where I am frequently the only active force, given your dad’s handicapped position. Consequently, I found myself checking into the Civic’s Emergency twice last week. Now in recovery (we hope!), I shall heed the warning, and adopt a more suitable schedule for a person of my age. James will fill in the details as he observed them.

    Sending love to you and Julie. Enjoy the high points of summer. Thought: If you’re not going to sell Invermere, would it be worthwhile to “dress up” a bit the lower level where you stay, making it more inviting and pleasant. Or!!.Why not add a stairlift so you can reside in comfort upstairs, preparing it ostensibly for an imaginary tenant? There are tax benefits that you might be able to access.

    With much love to you both.




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