Amazing Amanda

28 Jun


One of the unexpected pleasures in my life after my accident is to have someone like Amanda come into my life. She has been a valued mentor as well as a shining example of determination. Though she was injured at the T5 level and her injury is classified as complete paraplegia, that is to say she has no sensation or function from nerves below her injury-level, she has made remarkable progress. In this photo, she is out for her daily walk! Some days she has walked up to 1 km distance. She does this with the aid of braces that stop her legs from collapsing and provide support for her trunk. By leaning slightly from side to side, she is able to get each leg to advance slightly. Why go through this laborious process? She says: if you want to walk again, then walk.

Amanda is also using my FES bike several times a week to build up muscles in her legs, so this gives me lots of opportunity to pose questions and ask for advice.

By the way, here is her bio.

One Response to “Amazing Amanda”

  1. Steve July 16, 2013 at 14:34 #

    I’ve gone from riding around 40k / day commuting to work and back to…. zero k / day since I started working from home a few months ago. After reading this post though, I hopped on the bike and went for a good ride so thanks for the continual inspiration!


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