power to the pedals

25 Aug

I have been slowly increasing my power on the FES bike, but haven’t made any real gains since hitting 40 watts over a month ago.. Last Friday, I had an idea to try something new on the bike and simply increased resistance several large steps from what I had usually used. To my surprise, my legs were able to push against the higher resistance, with the result that on my second sprint I reached a new peak power of 71 watts, almost double my previous best!. Two days later, in another ride, I repeatedly hit 65 watts, so this seems to be more than a one-time occurrence. Apparently it’s rather rare for users to hit this power level, but what do I know, the end is not yet in sight!

By the way, about the arms, I found that by swinging  my arms while pedaling , I can get my heart rate up to 110 to 220 beats per minute. It will probably also strengthen my arms:  I can’t do it for more than a minute at a time without taking a break.

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