We want a cure

5 Oct

we want a cure.

One Response to “We want a cure”

  1. Sally Midwinter October 5, 2013 at 13:02 #

    A powerful message, Stewart. I’m sure you have comments of your own on this. Do you think that you can see any significant steps in the direction of recovery through nerve surgery possible to anticipate?

    Here in Ottawa, Vascular Parkinsonism continues to diminish your dad’s capacity to participate in normal life, his intellect, fortunately sustained, provides positive pleasure for all.. Recently noticeable is his now- limited ability to eat neatly, without requiring the food first to be carefully prepared, and chosen not to aggravate a sensitive throat. Generally, he sleeps without calling for assistance during the night, has a good appetite, and is not in pain. Ceara’s initiative in bringing about his acquisition of an IPad was a huge discovery and delight in maintaining contact with friends/family .As you know, few can understand his speech.

    My trip to Calgary was a necessary and most valuable occasion, an opportunity to “re-boot”, having arrived at a period when my spirit and energies were under a stress well known to care-givers in these circumstances. I feel indebted to you all for your help in ensuring that I was happily received. Calgary is a great place to be! You are fortunate, Stewart!





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