Good warm-up

1 Jul

To my mind, the warm-up I had on a recent workout was just about perfect. I think a warm-up should challenge my muscles a little bit, but not be so hard that I can’t keep up. Here’s what warm-up looked like in graphical terms:


The purple line is the resistance offered by the FES bike, while the black line is the average power during each step of the work out. The teal line is the amount of stimulation provided to my muscles. As the resistance is being controlled automatically during the warm-up, if the stimulation level reaches 100% then the machine will reduce the amount of resistance, deciding that my muscles can’t keep up. In this warm-up, the stimulation got very close to 100% at the end of the warm-up, but the machine did not have to reduce the resistance. Mission accomplished, muscles warmed up! Any questions?

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