Ride your bike every day

1 Jul

My New Year’s resolution for 2007 was to ride my bike every day of the year. I decided that in order to count as a ride, my daily distance had to be at least 1 km. Many people don’t even walk that far every day, or even any day.

How did I do? At the end of the year, I tallied up the results and found I had written 360 days, missing just five. How did that happen? Here’s what my journal says:


Total distance for 2007: 4309.0 km
Days with no riding: 5

12-sep-07: hiked up and camped on top of mtn. no biking.
10-sep-07: driving across BC, no bike riding.
11-aug-07: mountain-top accident and trip to hospital for stitches, no bike riding today
24-jun-07: no ride; got busy with other things and forgot!
04-feb-07: Drv from Invermere to Calgary. Forgot 2 ride my bike!


For those of you interested in the gory details, here are the day by day journal entries:



Date Distance (km) Notes
01-jan-07 20.00 Noon ride w Q, Mike. SpruceCliff 2 Marda Loop 4 coffee.
02-jan-07 8.00 Bike 2 wk and back
03-jan-07 8.00 Bike 2 wk and back
04-jan-07 12.00 Bike 2 wk and back
05-jan-07 35.00 rode to work, and to yoga w Mike at noon.
06-jan-07 8.00 wk up 830, rode 2 Extreme Bean 4 coffee. Big headwind. Then 2 DonLo’s 4 bkfst. Then 2 Bow Cycle where I ended up buying 2/3 of a Jake 4 L. Rode 2 Foothills Hospital & Children’s Hospital 2 check out L’s route. Then 2 MEC 2 buy a bike lock & riding clothes. Dinner at Raja. Rd hm.
07-jan-07 16.00 Rode to work and to Yoga at noon w Jeremy. Great start 2 the year. Wore shorts to/from wk. +11C!
08-jan-07 8.00 mid-aft ride 2 Megatunes & Good Earth
09-jan-07 12.00 rode 2 wk & back
10-jan-07 8.00 rode 2 wk and to yoga w Jeremy at lunch.
11-jan-07 8.00 rode 2 wk and back
12-jan-07 8.00 rode 2 wk and back
13-jan-07 20.00 ride 2 Memory Express S w Q to pick up new DNS-323. Then to 2nd Cup in Mission, HMV in downtown, home.
14-jan-07 1.00 I went 4 eve ride to look for comet, no luck.
15-jan-07 8.00 Rode 2 wk and back
16-jan-07 8.00 Rode 2 wk and back
17-jan-07 30.00 rode to work and to lunch yoga w Mike, good after missing a wk. After wk ride 2 Brentwood Kilkenny w Dave, met Dave C 4 beer then Best of the Mtn. Film Fest. Great ride hm through Hillhurst.
18-jan-07 8.00 woke up tired and managed to ride 2 wk by 915. Chilly, -13, not dressed for it.
19-jan-07 12.00 rode 2 wk and 2 yoga lunchtime w Tracy.
20-jan-07 16.00 ride 2 Memory Express 2 buy 1 Gigabit switch 4 network. Rode to Fire-pit party at Q’s
21-jan-07 10.00 ride w Q 2 MEC 2 buy fenders 4 L, Good Earth 4 coffee, Lifesport 2 look at Garry Fischer Cake.
22-jan-07 14.00 Ride hm 1830 4 Quick dinner then ride 2 Vertigo Theatre 2 see Ronnie Burkett “Unstrung” reading fm incomplete wk. Temp 7C at ride hm.
23-jan-07 8.00 rode to work and back.
24-jan-07 12.00 rode to work and to yoga at lunch w Michael. temp +11C.
25-jan-07 1.00 drv 2 Invermere, rode over to fetch Ernst 4 dinner at Peppi’s
26-jan-07 3.00 At Invermere, rode into town 4 lunch at Blue Dog w Ernst & A
27-jan-07 1.00 rode 2 NE Groc 4 ice cream.
28-jan-07 31.00 Rode 2 Q’s, half-fixed Karen Lassen’s bike. Mike arrived, rode 2 Sideshow, rode it. Slipped on hillside, damaged camera. Rode 2 Bow Cycle, met L, lunch in Cadence Café w her. Bought a Scott Reflex FX-25 full – suspension bike. Rd home on new bike.
29-jan-07 8.00 Rd 2 wk 4 0900, temp -10°C.
30-jan-07 16.00 Rode to Wk by 915. Temp -1C. Rode Scott, play on lagoon-side rocks. Rode to Lunch yoga w Jeremy. After wk rode 2 City open house on 26 Ave bike lane. Then rode into big headwind 2 Q’s 2 tune up Karen’s bike. L stopped by w car 2 pick it up, I rode hm.
31-jan-07 8.00 Rode to camera store at noon, then to barber in Kensington after work, then home.
01-feb-07 4.00 Fresh snow, rode in late.
02-feb-07 8.00 Rode over 2 river 2 meet L & get pack. rode to yoga at 1710 w L, then Raja 4 dinner. Rode hm.
03-feb-07 1.00 In Canmore, rode over 4 Coffee at Coffee Mine w Karen.
04-feb-07 0.00 Drv from Invermere to Calgary. Forgot 2 ride my bike!
05-feb-07 10.00 Rd 2 wk by 845.
06-feb-07 12.00 Rode 2 Westworld 2 buy adapter plug. Rode 2 wk 4 945. Temp -8C.
07-feb-07 12.00 Rode to Meet Bob at car rental at 730. Lunchtime ride 2 London Drugs, Vistek 2 buy case 4 MacBook.
08-feb-07 14.00 Rode to wk by 945. -16C, 2cm snow. Lunchtime rode 2 return case 2 Vistek.. Then to My Mac Dealer 2 look at cases: no stock, poor attitude. Bought an iSightFlex. Snowy, greasy roads.
09-feb-07 8.00 rode to work and back.
10-feb-07 1.00 Changed rear wheel on Humu 2 a single speed, then tried it out.
11-feb-07 12.00 Made pancakes. Then rd 2 London Drugs on Scott bike w Q. Stopped by his place to adjust pedals. Tricky ride hm.
12-feb-07 12.00 After wk rode 2 Megatunes 2 buy Lucinda Williams’ new cd West as present 4 L. Cold miserable ride hm due to heavy snow, -20C, E wind.
13-feb-07 14.00 -22C in am. Rode up 2 meet Q 4 pho at lunch & picked up a case 4 MacBook.
14-feb-07 8.00 -24C today. Awake at 630, rode 2 wk by 1010. Skidded out in garage : studded tires!
15-feb-07 8.00 rode to work and back
16-feb-07 1.00 Up at 900. OuT at 1200. Ride 2 recycle, LynnIan’s
17-feb-07 3.00 rode from west side of valley to Brisco in the dark.
18-feb-07 4.00 rode dn 2 Napa Auto Pts & back
19-feb-07 4.00 Ride down 2 Beamers 4 coffee & net.
20-feb-07 12.00 rode to work and to Lunchtime yoga w Jeremy.
21-feb-07 11.00 rode to wk by 915. -5C. Froze my ears. Lunchtime ride 2 pho w Q, pick up car at Tony’s (Leader Auto). +3C.
22-feb-07 8.00 rode to Wk by 845.
23-feb-07 13.00 Lunchtime ride 2 Westworld 2 pick up bluetooth kbd. Left wk 1500, rode hm 2 lay down.
24-feb-07 12.00 rode 2 SAIT on Reflex w L, then 2 Q’s 2 fix cleats
25-feb-07 14.00 Rode hm frm Bow Landing.
26-feb-07 8.00 Rode to work and back. -11C.
27-feb-07 12.00 rode to work and Yoga at lunchtime.
28-feb-07 8.00 rode to work and back
01-mar-07 8.00 worked at home till 1000 then rode to office.
02-mar-07 12.00 rode to work and to Yoga at lunchtime w Tracy.
03-mar-07 1.00 night ride around the ‘hood.
04-mar-07 15.00 Rode 2 L’s possible employer, Fire Dept, at 4200 11 St. SE.
05-mar-07 8.00 Rushed 2 wk on bike for 900 proj mtg.
06-mar-07 12.00 Rode 2 wk by 930. then to lunch yoga w Michelle. Rd hm
07-mar-07 8.00 Rode to wk by 910.
08-mar-07 8.00 rode to work and back.
09-mar-07 12.00 rode to work and to yoga at lunch w Tracy, great!
10-mar-07 1.00 Slipped out 4 late bike cruise ’round ‘hood.
11-mar-07 5.00 drv to first bike polo match of the year. Great!
12-mar-07 12.00 awake at 800, had to rush to bike to work by 900 meeting. Temp +15C ! wk til 1815, cooler +4C. Aft. snow started, had to use track pants 4 ride hm.
13-mar-07 8.00 10 cm fresh snow, getting packed into ice on the road. took my time getting out. rode 2 wk by 945, roads icy.
14-mar-07 12.00 rode to work and to yoga.
15-mar-07 8.00 rode 2 wk and back.
16-mar-07 12.00 rode to work and to Lunchtime yoga w Tracy.
17-mar-07 5.00 drv 2 Invermere w rental van. Unloaded it, rode over to pick up stuff at Home Hardware
18-mar-07 12.00 took L by bike along her route 2 wk, then 2 Buffalo Cafe.
19-mar-07 8.00 rode to wk by 0900. Overcast, -5C.
20-mar-07 8.00 Overcast, -5C. rode 2 wk and back.
21-mar-07 12.00 rode 2 wk and back. went 4 short bike ride w A to post office to pick up mic for aircraft radio.
22-mar-07 12.00 after wk, rode my Doz up 2 St to bike route open house, the last of a series.
23-mar-07 12.00 Rode 2 wk by 910. and to lunchtime yoga w Tracy
24-mar-07 4.00 I rode over 2 pick up rental van.
25-mar-07 4.00 Rode hm from van rental shop.
26-mar-07 8.00 rode to work and back.
27-mar-07 8.00 snow storm but it didn’t stick too much on the ground. rode to work and back.
28-mar-07 8.00 rode 2 wk and back.
29-mar-07 12.00 Rode w work and then Rode 2 yoga at lunch.
30-mar-07 12.00 I rushed 2 wk on The Doz 4 a 900 meeting that didn’t happen. Rode 2 yoga w Tracy, great! Clear, 12C.
31-mar-07 1.00 Drv out to Invermere. Rode over to Home Hardware for some stuff.
01-apr-07 1.00 Built shower. Also built a pedestal for it out of 2x6s which I rode over & picked up at Home Hardware.
02-apr-07 1.00 Lots of snow, 25 cm in total. rode over for Lunch at Tex’s.
03-apr-07 10.00 Realised I’d need more DriCor. Rode over to HH and bought 9. While trying to figure out how to load them on bike, a woman with a pickup offered me a ride back. Later rode over for Coffee at Tex’s. Late aft, rode into town; saw deer on hillside by bridge. Dinner at Chinese rest., then tea in Gelato – good spot. On ride home in dusk, nearly rode into 6 deer on bikepath by Pothole Park.
04-apr-07 2.00 Rode over to Home Hdwre for coffee, electrical supplies. Rode back to HH & bought white paint. Later rode over for Coffee at Tex’s.
05-apr-07 2.00 rode 2 Home Hardware twice.
06-apr-07 1.00 Woke up 600 feeling horrible. Took Tylenol for headache. Also feeling feverish. Later puked, slept until 1100. Rd over 2 Tim Hortons 4 coffee & bagel. Nearly puked there but held it down. Felt better after coffee.
07-apr-07 2.00 After bkfst rode over 2 airport 2 check things out but nothing much happening.
08-apr-07 4.00 up at 930. Rode over 2 HH to return elect. stuff, buy more conduit. Rode over 2 airfield (flat tire) and helped push out the Lark sailplane. Went 4 check-flight w Brian. rode Back to house to drop off stuff & fetch another tube. Washed PW-5 then took it for a flight. Fixed flat but the new tube was also flat! Walked the bike back to condo.
09-apr-07 30.00 Rode out to DonLo’s on The Doz 4 pancakes but discovered they’d gone to Lynnette’s! So, rode back, & over there.
10-apr-07 12.00 Rd 2 London Drugs, bought a Virgin Mobile phone. Rd hm
11-apr-07 18.00 Rd over to CK house, got Andrew, rode up to N Hill w him 4 dinner.
12-apr-07 8.00 Rode long way to work, via N side. 4.62 km in 9 min on The Doz. Rd hm
13-apr-07 8.00 Rd 2 wk by 930. rd hm fast down 5 Ave on The Doz.
14-apr-07 8.00 Rode downtoand & Attended CRSC AGM
15-apr-07 2.00 Rode over to HH 4 plumbing supplies.
16-apr-07 8.00 rode to wk and back.
17-apr-07 24.00 lunch ride down to new GPS Central store . Played bike polo after wk. See one map on mtbguru.com and another map on mtbguru.com
18-apr-07 12.00 Rain in aft, got wet riding hm.
19-apr-07 8.00 rode 2 wk & back.
20-apr-07 12.00 rode to lunch yoga w Alia, and to work and back.
21-apr-07 1.50 awoke 800 in Canmore, put air in a 10-spd bike lying around, rode over 2 Beamers 4 coffee.
22-apr-07 22.00 Rode over 2 Q’s, went for ride to MEC, Mt. Royal (found new single-track), hm via Stampede Park, Elbow R, Zoo Island (rode wall).
23-apr-07 8.00 rd 2 wk 4 900 mtg.Sunny, +2C. wk til 1800, ride ride hm 13C w moderate SE wind.
24-apr-07 21.00 rode to Lunch yoga. After wk rd 2 special-event polo, Q is leaving.See map on strava.com
25-apr-07 26.00 It’s my birthday! awake 630, 710. rode downtown w L, quick bite & coffee at café on 7 St at river. Then rode to bus-stn & helped her fold up and bag Dahon to take 2 Jasper. After wk rode out to Home Rd 4 dinner . That was very gracious of them. Great ride back
26-apr-07 8.00 rode 2 wk and back. See map on strava.com
27-apr-07 12.00 rode to yoga at noon? Can’t remember. After wk, rode over to C&A house. Rode 2 Chinatown, had pho in Pho Pasteur Saigon. Then rode hm. See map on strava.com, and another map on strava.com, and another map on strava.com, and another map on strava.com
28-apr-07 120.00 alarm at 700, got to Heartland for 800, but no one showed up. Got on my Doz at 900 and rode 60 km, down Bow R to Fish Creek Pk, through it to 37 St, up to Glenmore Reservoir, through Weaselhead, down Elbow R to James’ house. Had a coffee, got him on his bike, rode another 60 km: down Elbow to Bow, up Nose Creek, then W Nose Creek to Citadel, down Nose Hill Drv, stopped at Cadence Café 4 a bite, then down Bow R to hm. See map on strava.com.
29-apr-07 7.50 Took A on bike over to Buffalo Café 4 bkfst. Then rode back via Inglewood, N side of river.
30-apr-07 16.00 Rd hm at lunch 2 look for it – no luck. See map on mtbguru.com
01-may-07 26.00 left 4 wk on bike at 930. . Bike polo 2 games,. rd hm. See map on mtbguru.com, and another map on mtbguru.com
02-may-07 12.00 Got to wk on bike by 930. rode to yoga at lunch w Michael.
03-may-07 8.00 Overcast, rain started mid-morn and continued until just before I rode home!
04-may-07 22.00 got to wk at 915. rode 2 yoga at lunch w new instructor. Light drizzle all day. Rd 2 Murrieta’s 4 beer w Jeff and James. Then rd 2 Staples. Rd 2 Raja 4 dinner; chana dhal was too spicy! Rd hm.
05-may-07 13.00 Rode over to Memory Express NE. See map on mtbguru.com
06-may-07 168.00 awake 600 alarm, met Jeff at Heartland at 700, rode to end of highway 66 and back, 168 km = 100.5 miles! Jeff had 2 flats before 900, but okay after. hard climb to top of pass at 1740m, a 700m gain from Calgary. Speed 77 km/h on downhill. Tired by Calgary city limits, legs nearly cramping. Better on easy ride down Elbow to Inglewood. Jeff left there, I continued on to 17 Ave SE, cross Deerfoot, up W side then over Tom Campbell hill in order to make the needed distance. See map on mtbguru.com
07-may-07 8.00 rode 2 wk and back.
08-may-07 12.00 rode 2 wk, then 2 yoga at lunch w new guy. Bike polo 2 games. rode back w Rob Irwin.
09-may-07 8.00 lunchtime rode over 2 MEC 2 buy Cliff Bars, new pump. then to BikeShop 4 spokes for polo bike. Then to Campione 2 check out new owner. After wk, to Jeff’s 2 repair rear wheel.
10-may-07 8.00 rode 2 wk & back.
11-may-07 12.00 rode 2 wk by 915. rode 2 yoga at lunch w Tracey. rd hm on Dahon
12-may-07 228.00 awake 515, out the door at 625. Rode to Canmore via 1A, return via 1. Arr. at Bow Cycle at 17:55, bought beers to celebrate w the gang. Rode hm with Johnny. See map on mtbguru.com
13-may-07 6.00 awake 730, rode downtown & met Ceara at Library at 830. Ran Mother’s Day 10k w her. I rode hm, then over 2 LynnIan’s for Mother’s Day brunch w whole Nicholls family. Then rode downtown on Dahon to pick up a Smart Car and drv out to airport 2 pick up Andrew.
14-may-07 56.00 slept in til 845. sunny, light wind, but it quickly ODed. Virga and brief drizzle in aft. Rode out to Bow Cycle to return expensive saddle that is not comfortable enough. Later rode to Memory Express to buy new 160 GB drive for MacBook. Then rode 2 L’s wk and rode hm w her.
15-may-07 15.00 Played bike polo in evening
16-may-07 24.00 rode into office, wk until 1830. then rode to DonLo’s for Don’s 76th b’day. Rode hm.
17-may-07 2.00 drv 2 Invermere. rode over 2 airport.
18-may-07 10.00 woke up 800, 900. repaired bike innertubes. Rode over 2 HH 4 coffee, then down to Athalmer. Met Don Miller working in a bike store. Bought a replacement skewer 4 bike.
19-may-07 36.00 woke up 830, made coffee & Red River cereal. then got on Scott & rode 2 town, picked up rim tape. Then headed up to Westside benches and eventually found the Toby Ck trail, riding it down to the gate. Met up w 4 Canmorons and led them up to the start of the trail, but they wanted to continue. I could see storms coming, so I left them and rode the trail down again. Nearly hit by an asshole Albertan ATVer on the singletrack! Rode hm via Lakeside Rd. then rode over 2 airport. cold front went through, sky improving. See map on mtbguru.com
20-may-07 2.00 woke up 600, sky overcast, no good for flying today. Rode over & returned lockset to HH, got another.
21-may-07 57.00 Mid-aft, packed up car, then went for bike ride around Lake Windermere. 52 km in 2:11. Stopped at Blue Dog for soup, then rode hm via airport, but no one there. See map on mtbguru.com
22-may-07 12.00 Rode 2 wk on Dahon. rode 2 yoga at lunch w Jeremy. Rd hm
23-may-07 8.00 going to wk, rode there by 930. Left wk 1715 & rode hard on Dahon 2 get to Battery World. Then over 2 Cdn. Tire . Rode hm via Ron & Donna Ford’s to say ‘hi’. Light drizzle and cold wind but no problem. See map on mtbguru.com
24-may-07 8.00 woke up again at 810, dashed out the door at 830 w/o bkfst & rode 2 wk. 2 cm of snow in mews.
25-may-07 12.00 rode Dahon to work. rode 2 Yoga at lunch w Tracy
26-may-07 16.00 rode downtown w A to Rideau Music, Staples, London Drugs. Then to Buffalo Cafe in Inglewood for a snack, then hm 2 play w SilentWings.We played until evening then rode to Prime Tandoori 4 dinner. Rode him via new singletrack we discovered.
27-may-07 18.00 Rode from Tuscany down to Bow Cycle, bought A a new saddle and L a Bow Cycle jacket, both as presents 4 later.
28-may-07 8.00 ride to Bike For Breakfast. at wk, ankle started to throb.
29-may-07 32.00 Met Ernst 4 coffee mid-morning, drv 2 Springbank, helped him put together a CT. Rode hm on The Doz via Bow Cycle. Picked up some fixed-gear stuff. See map on mtbguru.com
30-may-07 21.00 left 4 wk by 645. wk til 825, then folded Dahon, put in bag, took on train to U of C 4 Ceara’s graduation ceremony. Wk til 1815, then rode over to RoundUp Ctr. Rode hm at 2115
31-may-07 14.00 rode 2 wk at 715, left at 840. rode to Jubilee Auditorium for L’s graduation ceremony. wk til 1730, rode over to Sports Swap to look at bikes. Rode hm via 12 Ave, Inglewood.
01-jun-07 3.00 rode 2 wk by 945; rode to lunch yoga w Tracy, great!
02-jun-07 2.00 We had a late bkfst, then I rode over to airfield.
03-jun-07 4.00 Rode 2 hdware store & got parts to repair leaking water line. rode Over to airfield.
04-jun-07 4.00 rode 2 work by 815.
05-jun-07 12.00 rode 2 wk at 815 , and rode yoga at lunch w Jeremy – v hot.
06-jun-07 8.00 Awoke at 730. It was pissing rain. I suited up w rain gear & rode 2 wk . rode over to Visit ‘Wheels of Reliance’ at Drop-In Centre after work.
07-jun-07 24.00 rode 2 wk by 900, nice sunny day. lunchtime rode up to GPS City 2 pick up PDA mount for glider.
08-jun-07 10.00 wk til 1610, then rode over 2 meet w Jeannette from City to pick out location for new bike racks in front of Heartland.
09-jun-07 11.00 Wrote up bike routes for City. Rode up to Q’s to fix rear wheel on polo bike, rode back via Tuxedo Cycle, Nose Crk & Bridgeland single-track.
10-jun-07 30.00 Car died near there; Waited 1 hr 4 AMA booster truck. Left car, rode 2 Bow Cycle to return singlespeed parts, then hm via Edgeworthy trails, Hillhurst & Sunnyside Trails. See map on mtbguru.com
11-jun-07 33.00 Rushed out and rode up 2 take key to Tony at Leader Auto. Lunchtime LRT with bike then ride to airport 2 drop off Ernst’s flight journal. Ride hm via airport pkway, Deerfoot Trail, Beddington Tr bidge, Nose Ck pathway. Rd hm by 1800.
12-jun-07 14.00 awake 700, v tired w sand in eyes. Immediately felt better as I rode 2 wk: cycling as therapy. Left wk at 1730 and rode up to pick up car from Tony’s. No problem except new battery terminal (?!).
13-jun-07 8.00 Had to ride over to The Source for a Torx screwdriver; saw a nice custom Humuhumunukunukuapua’a. w
14-jun-07 16.00 rode over 2 Jeff Shouldice’ house, then to A&A 4 dinner, then to Jubilee to see Lucinda Williams. Rode hm via Jeff’s.
15-jun-07 14.00 rode 2 wk at 10:00. rode over 2 Q’s, met Chris & Rick there as well. Rode to Wasabi for group sushi.
16-jun-07 40.00 up at 830 . It had rained, so no polo. mid-morn, rode out to Bow Cycle to check out sale: nothing urgent 2 buy. Met cousin Alex on pathway. Rd 2 his house w him, then over 2 Jeff’s 2 look at an old frame he has. rd 2 Staples 2 buy laptop chiller, then 2 MEC 2 look for replacement 4 torn bike pants. rd hm, 1800, then up to Jeff ‘s for evening.
17-jun-07 6.00 slept in, raining, so no bike-ride plans today. rode up to Coop for shopping w L.
18-jun-07 8.00 rode 2 wk by 900, sunny (of course, since it’s Monday).
19-jun-07 12.00 rode 2 wk by 845. rode to yoga at lunch w Jeremy. Met A after wk 4 dinner at Dakota Deli. Rode hm.
20-jun-07 34.00 A rode down to office with me, went 4 muffin at The Grind. Put Scott bike on car, drv to Home Rd, met Mike & Eric up top. 26 km long bike ride along Sideshow Bob, Bowmont Pk, 12-Mile Coulee Crk & back. Finished 22:00. See map on mtbguru.com
21-jun-07 8.00 rode 2 wk and back
22-jun-07 8.00 rode to wk by 910
23-jun-07 12.00 awake 315, left 400 to ride to Marg’s by 430. Hiked down Goat Ck then the length of Sulphur Mtn range. Arr. Marg’s 2130, rode hm.
24-jun-07 0.00 no ride; got busy with other things and forgot!
25-jun-07 8.00 rode 2 wk and rode hm,
26-jun-07 4.00 awake 500, 600. rode 2 Enterprise, rented car & drv 2 Rocky Mtn. House
27-jun-07 21.00 drv 2 drop off rental car. 20 min from Bridgeland, vs 10 min on bike! After wk ride to DonLo’s 4 dinner, then ride hm.
28-jun-07 12.00 wk til 1830, rode hm.
29-jun-07 8.00 awake 600, 630 w upper back pain. overcast, 14C. rode 2 wk, then to Lunchtime yoga w Gord.
30-jun-07 2.00 rode to airfield and back.
01-jul-07 2.00 rode over to Dinner at airport w 20 people.
02-jul-07 2.00 rode over 2 airport to get bill
03-jul-07 12.00 bike polo after wk. Hurt elbow a bit, not too bad. Ride hm w Johnny.
04-jul-07 8.00 rode 2 wk by 915. Visited Power in Motion bike store in Eau Claire w Adam, tested their electric bike. Sunny, 30C. Played parking lot polo after wk.
05-jul-07 12.00 rode 2 wk and back.
06-jul-07 50.00 Cancelled my Surly order. rode to office. Hard to get across the parade route to the office. Lunchtime ride out to Bow Cycle, tested Kona Dew Deluxe and Dew Fs. Bought a Fs! rode back downtown. rode hm 1800, dinner, Rode to Tanya’s party. Left 2300, rode downtown to fetch A from his new job.
07-jul-07 28.00 rode downtown on the Dew w A to take L’s camera 4 servicing. Then to Mewata Armory 2 pick up race pkg). Then rode 2 CK house to change seat on A’s bike. Rode along singletrack on hillside to McHugh Bluff, over to Eau Claire. Rd hm, then got a call fm L. Rode The Doz up to Pelican Pier at 14th St & John Laurie 4 a bit to eat: 22 min. Rd hm in 16 min.
08-jul-07 20.00 got up 330, out by 430 to Mewata Armory 4 prep work on the Calgary Marathon. Ran 10k. rd hm by 930, Then rd back to race course, helped clean up.
09-jul-07 8.00 rode 2 Yoga at noon w Michael, good to get back to it after missing a week.
10-jul-07 23.00 rode 2 wk by 900. Rd hm 1130 2 get polo bike. polo after wk 3 on 3, good.
11-jul-07 8.00 rode 2 wk & back
12-jul-07 16.00 Rd hm at lunch 2 get car, drv 2 airport 2 pick up Ernst’s C of A for Apis.
13-jul-07 12.00 rode 2 Yoga at lunch w Tracey
14-jul-07 2.00 rode over to Tex’s but he was shut as well due to no power. Rode over 2 airport.
15-jul-07 4.00 got up at 330 to do the Golden Triangle Ride but then though it would be too hot today (34C forecast), so went back to bed, slept until 915. Coffee at Tim Hortons, then leisurely bkfst. Rode over 2 airport around 1130. Too hot for pants, rode hm & got shorts. Flew 5 hours, 317 km. Spooky sky at times w big clouds blowing over.
16-jul-07 2.00 rode over to airport by 1200. lots of haze & high cirrus, but a hole opened up overhead so I got a tow up in 1-26 at 13:20. flew for 5 hours
17-jul-07 2.00 Coffee frm Tim’s, just like yesterday. Sky clear but smoky. Rode over to airfield around noon.
18-jul-07 8.00 lunch in Dragon Fly cafe in Salmo. Drv Q dn 2 Rossland and we rode Monte Cristo then Full Monte, part of Milky Way, back to town.
19-jul-07 5.00 drv 2 Nelson. Rode Waterfront Park to arboratum, cross BoB (big orange bridge) and back, around town, visited 2 of 3 bike shops
20-jul-07 2.00 rode 2 airfield & back.rode 2 airfield & back.
21-jul-07 2.00 rode over to airport at 12:30. people flying in spite of strong S wind, so I went for a tow at 13:30. Flew 5:20, 356 km, 3700m, in Astir.
22-jul-07 2.00 drv, arriving at the Lac Barrière Dam at 930. Met Bolno, Mike, Ted (new guy) for a ride up Prairie View & down Jewel Pass trail. Ted got 2 flats. new Scott FX is a way better bike than my old Kikapu!
23-jul-07 8.00 Rode 2 wk 4 900 mtg. Rd hm at 1800.
24-jul-07 12.00 left 4 wk on bike by 800. wk through lunch. bike Polo after wk.
25-jul-07 12.00 After wk rd hm, then drv w L to Artfirm Gallery opening. Rd hm on Dahon folder.
26-jul-07 14.00 rode 2 wk by 910. and to yoga at lunch w Kim (new). rd hm at 1846, then back to Pr. Is. to give bikecalgary cards to Jeff to hand out to cyclists parking at folk fest.
27-jul-07 40.00 rd 2 wk 4 900. lunch ride 2 Bow Cycle 2 get pedal fixed. There and back in 1:05 including the stop. Rd 2 clinic at 1635. at 2130 rode to Eau Claire 2 watch a movie w A.
28-jul-07 36.00 Rode over 2 Eau Claire w A for his job, rd hm. After a lunch, & getting pissed off about my twisted derailleur on Dew fs, rode back out to Bow Cycle. Arr. 1730. Larryo fixed it on the spot! Wow, great svc. rode to river , then rode hm via Pr. Is.
29-jul-07 2.00 rd over to NE Groc for bread & bananas.
30-jul-07 28.00 rode 2 wk by 840. lunch ride to Edworthy & back via the hill. Climbed it in 3:45 w Dew Fs. Rd hm at 1745. Quick dinner. Hailstorm, then rd dn 2 Eau Claire 2 watch Simpsons Movie w A. See map on mtbguru.com
31-jul-07 12.00 rode 2 wk by 825. rode to Yoga at lunch w Jeremy.
01-aug-07 13.00 Passed by police tape on pathway, another homicide last night. That’s 3 this year right where I ride. Rd over 2 Tazza 2 buy dinner for us.
02-aug-07 8.00 rode 2 wk by 845.
03-aug-07 9.00 rode over 2 Home Hardware, bought a microwave and rode back with it.
04-aug-07 1.00 rode around campground.
05-aug-07 1.00 rode over and Stopped in at airport
06-aug-07 30.00 Rode out to Bow Cycle to the 50th Anniv. party. Then rode back w Q, Zac, 1R, Mike.
07-aug-07 50.00 rode out to Bow Cycle at 930 to help tear down fm party. Helped move bikes around until 1130. then rode 2 pho w Q, Zac. Then rode 2 Q’s house 2 help load dresser into car. Rd hm, then downtown to deposit condo rent. Visited Ceara for her break, then rode by MEC 2 buy a couple of water bladders. Rd hm, chatted w Chris who then went out. Then rode back down to MEC to buy a lock 4 Ernst, to Coop for food, then to bike polo game for BBQ. Chris showed up, L w big A. Rd hm alone.
08-aug-07 1.00 drv 2 Invermere. Rode up to drop off pkgs 4 Ernst,
09-aug-07 1.00 overcast day. Rode 2 airport, built shelving for kayaks.
10-aug-07 6.00 Rode Humu dn 2 beach, dinner at Lakeside Inn w Dave
11-aug-07 0.00 mountain-top accident and trip to hospital for stitches, no bike riding today
12-aug-07 2.00 rode over and Stopped by airport after cold front went through, but conditions were poor.
13-aug-07 10.00 rd 2 wk by 845. After wk met w Jeff, Barry at Kensington Pub. Then rd hm
14-aug-07 18.00 Another overcast day, 10C. rd 2 wk by 915. lunchtim ride to GPS Central for new bike-mount clip. wk til 1815, rd hm
15-aug-07 8.00 At lunchtime rode over & picked up L’s camera.
16-aug-07 8.00 rode to work and back
17-aug-07 12.00 rode, arrived at wk at 920. rode to lunchtime yoga w Gord. rode 2 MEC after wk 2 buy bike lights 4 A.
18-aug-07 2.00 A got out of a movie at 2100, I rode over to meet him and install lights on his bike.
19-aug-07 14.00 A rode over, then we rode together to Blenz, then to CK house to see his new kitten. Rode hm, emails. Off to Marg’s by car at 1830 for beer & pizza w her and Chris. Rode hm on Dew Fs at 2245, 17 min.
20-aug-07 8.00 rode 2 wk and back
21-aug-07 16.00 after wk rode over & played bike polo, well taped and padded. Good to be back!
22-aug-07 8.00 rode 2 wk & back
23-aug-07 23.00 Drv to Bow Cycle, picked up polo bike & rode it home.
24-aug-07 8.00 rode 2 wk & back
25-aug-07 4.00 After bkfst, rode down to MEC
26-aug-07 1.00 Raining lightly, slow start. little 1 km ride around the ‘hood.
27-aug-07 9.00 rode to wk in light drizzle at 855 . rode 2 MEC after wk 2 buy replacement bike glasses for yesterdays broken ones.
28-aug-07 17.00 Rd 2 wk by 830. After wk, bike polo! Good game, one endo but no injury. Rd hm.
29-aug-07 18.00 rode to wk. Rd hm, then 2 Cdn. Tire 2 buy a tent but they were out of stock
30-aug-07 8.00 rode to wk by 835.
31-aug-07 8.00 rode 2 wk & back
01-sep-07 1.00 Midnight bike cruise around ‘hood.
02-sep-07 15.00 Rode The Doz to NW Cdn Tire (no damn tent in stock!), then to DonLo’s. Midnight ride again. See map on mtbguru.com
03-sep-07 8.00 Rd over to NE Groc 4 bread.- Moods- My mood
04-sep-07 20.00 bike rush to wk.after wk rode hm then to bike polo, and no one showed up! Picked up A & chatted w CK, rode 2 my place. then drv to Pho So.
05-sep-07 8.00 rode 2 wk by 900.
06-sep-07 8.00 rd 2 wk by 830.
07-sep-07 8.00 Drv 2 Invermere, rode over to airport
08-sep-07 10.00 drv 2 Nelson w Garry, rode trails at Mtn. Stn. (Honey, Oso Negro). Felt weak & incompetent, but still a good ride.
09-sep-07 31.00 Drv 2 Fintry Landing. Rode up Terrace Mtn, got benighted, hypothermic, lucky to get back by 2135.
10-sep-07 0.00 driving across BC, no bike riding.
11-sep-07 1.00 Drv 2 Pemberton via Squamish, Rode around schoolyard.
12-sep-07 0.00 hiked up and camped on top of mtn. no biking.
13-sep-07 1.00 rode bike down & up acreage driveway in the dark.
14-sep-07 6.00 Later rode bike up to Ivey Lk & back in the late dusk.
15-sep-07 1.00 Arr. Invermere 2330. Bed soon after riding up to Ernst’s and back.
16-sep-07 1.00 slept til 1000. rode over for bkfst at Tex’s, then rode over to airport
17-sep-07 8.00 rode 2 wk and back
18-sep-07 8.00 rd 2 wk by 905. rd hm at 1800, cold, windy.
19-sep-07 8.00 rode 2 wk in shorts, 1C. rd hm at 1800.
20-sep-07 8.00 another cloudy & overcast day. 4C. rode to work and back
21-sep-07 8.00 After wk rode to chiro, got an upper back adjustment.
22-sep-07 2.00 b’day for Jackson in aft, rode over w A & L.
23-sep-07 1.00 Rd 2 NE Groc for milk, they’d been robbed 10 min. earlier.
24-sep-07 8.00 rode and Arr. wk 910. after wk rode to chiro. Rode over to Fort Calgary to see Riverwalk open house: no discussion of pathway safety! Rode hm,
25-sep-07 8.00 rode to bakery and bought danishes for all to share in office.rode hm by 1740 to lend my polo bike to Rob Irwin.
26-sep-07 8.00 rode 2 chiro for 1700. met L at 1800,
27-sep-07 20.00 rode 2 wk for 845.Rode 2 Memory Express at noon to buy RAM. wk til 2000. rd hm
28-sep-07 8.00 overcast, 7C. I rode 2 wk for 830. wk til 1630, then rd 2 chiro.
29-sep-07 1.00 In Invermere, rode over to Tims to get L coffee. Rode Over 2 airport 2 help derig glider
30-sep-07 1.00 rode up for coffee at Ernst’s.
01-oct-07 8.00 Rd 2 wk for 930.
02-oct-07 8.00 rd 2 wk by 915,
03-oct-07 8.00 Drv 2 airport 2 pick up Marg, rode to and arr. wk at 1000. Threatening storm to N, but missed it on the ride home.
04-oct-07 8.00 rode to work and back
05-oct-07 8.00 rode 2 wk and back
06-oct-07 36.00 Rode over to Cdn Tire one more time to check on tent availability. Continued on to Mike’s in Rundle. Rode w Mike, Garry (in town for a visit), Doug to downtown via Max Bell arena hill, Inglewood. Visited MEC. rode back to Rundle. rode hm via Nose Creek single-track. Feeling much better about life after a good ride.
07-oct-07 5.00 woke up 800, quick bkfst, walked over to Franzky’s to catch a ride to polo, but he’d left. Got bike, rode over and played 3 games to 10. Then rode downtown for pho with C.
08-oct-07 1.00 I rode over to Johnny’s and helped saw his garage roof into short pieces
09-oct-07 8.00 rode 2 wk and back
10-oct-07 8.00 ride 2 wk and back
11-oct-07 8.00 rode by Outdoor Approach, picked up a donation from Steve Bommer.
12-oct-07 8.00 Rd 2 wk 4 910.
13-oct-07 5.00 Bkfst, rode over 2 Dave & Brenda’s to catch a ride to Banff.
14-oct-07 3.00 Rode down Telephone line trail to Banff Springs.
15-oct-07 30.00 Rode hm 1630 to vote in civic election. Then rode 2 Greig’s in Strathcona via 26 Ave SW route for dinner. Rd hm via Spruce Cliff.
16-oct-07 8.00 rd 2 wk by 715 for bkfst mtg. rd hm at 1815.
17-oct-07 8.00 rd 2 wk 4 900. wk through lunch, until 1800. Met A on pathway, rode 2 Eau Claire 4 dinner w him. He worked at Cinemax, I went to watch ‘Into The Wild’. Rd hm together afterward.
18-oct-07 38.00 Temp -2, first real frost of the season. rd 2 wk by 845. lunch ride 2 Bow Cycle to pay bill 4 polo bike, straighten derailleur on Dew. Sunny, 9C, SE 15. after wk rd hm for quick shower, then rd w L to ATP to see ‘Still Desire You’. Rd hm again after.
19-oct-07 8.00 rode to wk by 930. Rd hm by 1900 just as a storm was falling on us; few drops.
20-oct-07 20.00 Later rode w A over to Memory Express, Future Shop, Best Buy, London Drugs, Second Cup, hm.
21-oct-07 5.00 drv over 2 play bike polo
22-oct-07 28.00 rode to wk by 845. wk through lunch, then rode out to 53 St to be an extra in an advertisement for the work the City is doing on bike routes. Bob Chelmick was the reporter, Global doing the filming, Blanka doing the City rep. lotsa fun.
23-oct-07 8.00 rode 2 wk and back
24-oct-07 8.00 rode to wk by 900. Blizzard of wet snow for ride home.
25-oct-07 16.00 after wk rode hm, then back downtown for team dinner at Mysore Palace
26-oct-07 8.00 Rode hm 1800
27-oct-07 7.00 In Invermere, Rode over 2 Tex’s but Ernst had left. rode 2 his house. Then rode over 2 Max’s. Hm at 2145
28-oct-07 1.00 bike ride ’round ‘hood.
29-oct-07 8.00 rode 2 wk and back
30-oct-07 8.00 Rd hm by 1810
01-nov-07 22.00 rode to wk by 815. Lunch ride to Coco Brooks 2 meet L. After wk rode to Shouldice for drv out to Mtn. Book Fest.
02-nov-07 8.00 rode 2 wk by 745. wk til 2100, rd hm in the dark.
03-nov-07 1.00 Drv to Canmore, rode over to Beamers
04-nov-07 1.00 up at 900, checked out, then buffet bkfst in hotel. Rode down hill to town.
05-nov-07 8.00 rushed to wk on bike by 825; temp -8C, coldest day so far this fall.
06-nov-07 8.00 rode to wk and back
07-nov-07 8.00 After wk, rode presentation by walkrideandbike.org director on Great Cities & Parks. reception after at Juillard’s.
08-nov-07 12.00 rode 2 wk by 845. lunch ride over to Vietname for pho w Tony. Strong chinook wind. sunny, 10C. wk til 1845.
09-nov-07 5.00 overcast, -3C. Skiff of snow overnight. rode to wk by 800. Rd to CAOC, Took Marg 2 airport at 1630. Traffic terrible – and some people do this every single day?
10-nov-07 5.00 Headache, chills. hen rode to Eau Claire at 1630 for tea. A went to wk, I rode hm.
11-nov-07 15.00 drv Marg’s car to bike polo at 915. 2 good games of 3 on 4. rode down to MEC to meet C & buy her an xmas present . Then rd 2 2nd Cup in Kensingon 4 snack w A. He left, I rd hm
12-nov-07 8.00 Rode hm after wk.
13-nov-07 8.00 Temp 2C, rode 2 wk 4 830.
14-nov-07 8.00 Rd 2 wk at 845. -3C, cold on ears. Wk til 1800, then rode to Indoor climbing at Stronghold
15-nov-07 11.00 Lunch mtg. w Jeff re winter bike course teaching. rode over to meet L at Raja for a bite
16-nov-07 18.00 Lunchtime rode to Memory Express S to get DVD drive 4 office
17-nov-07 8.00 Noontime rode over to CAOC then helped to teach winter cycling course.
18-nov-07 17.00 quick bkfst, then rode over to Franzky’s and drv to bike polo w him. Then rode 2 Stronghold 4 climbing w C. At 1600 rode over to David & Jocelyn’s 4 dinner. rode hm N side.
19-nov-07 18.00 Dreamed a street-person had stolen my Humu bike. Lunch ride to MemExp to pick up router. Road rage incident w BMW X5 driver who didn’t tolerate me being in front of him.
20-nov-07 10.00 rode to wk at 930. also to Lunchtime yoga w Jeremy for 1st time since August
21-nov-07 16.00 rode to wk 900. -9C, felt chilly. wk til 2045, rd hm, ran across John in the park, rode to Roadhouse to see ‘New World Disorder 8’ bike movie.
21-nov-07 8.00 rode to wk at 930. wk through lunch, til 1830. Rd hm 1900.
22-nov-07 8.00 rd 2 wk at 915. temp -9C. Bailed at 1600 to meet Garry at Heartland. Rode 2 Ship & Anchor 4 beers, then to Hibiki 4 sushi, then drv 2 Mike’s 2 wk on Q’s car. Rd hm at 2300, 38 min from Rundle to Bridgeland. Surreal in full moonlight & skiff of snow on pathway. See map on strava.com
23-nov-07 8.00 rode 2 wk and back
24-nov-07 5.00 drv over 2 play bike polo at 1400.
25-nov-07 1.00 rode over to NE Groc 4 milk & bread.
26-nov-07 8.00 Rd 2 wk by 850, -15C. wk til 1900. rd hm -16, windchill -26 but didn’t feel too bad.
27-nov-07 8.00 teleconf at 900 via Skype, so I rode in at 1000; temp -13C. Dinner at Hyatt w Houston crew. Rode hm, temp -7C: balmy!
28-nov-07 5.00 wk til 1930. rd hm
29-nov-07 5.00 Left 3 wk by 730, -14C. got to wk by 755.
30-nov-07 1.00 In Invermere, slept in until 1000. rode over to Home Hdwe 2 get larger heating vent (then Tex’s for coffee)
01-dec-07 1.00 again slept in til 1000. Rode over to HH for a snow shovel. Cold, -17C.
02-dec-07 1.00 Rode over to HH again for a foam strip for top of garage door.
03-dec-07 5.00 Temp -18C. rode 2 wk and back.
04-dec-07 5.00 rode to wk 920. Rd hm -18C again, but it felt warmer.
05-dec-07 5.00 rode to wk and back
06-dec-07 25.00 Temp 10C warmer than yesterday, at -8C. rd to wk by 845, just in time for 900 teleconf. After wk, rode to Motel Village for Rotary Club xmas dinner Nice ride hm after. See map on strava.com
07-dec-07 5.00 wk til 2230. Rd hm -20C,
08-dec-07 1.00 rode 2 NE Groc 4 milk.
09-dec-07 5.00 At 1430 rode over to Buffalo Cafe w A for lunch, then to Weir to look for pelicans (none). Rd hm.
10-dec-07 9.00 rode to wk by 1000. wk through lunch, til 1930. rd hm,
11-dec-07 5.00 rd 2 wk by 910. wk til 2000
12-dec-07 5.00 rd 2 wk by 900, temp 0C.
13-dec-07 9.00 rode Lunch at Vietnam w Tony
14-dec-07 5.00 rode to wk by 915. Temp a pleasant -4C. rd hm for xmas dinner w L’s kids.
15-dec-07 18.00 Went to ride trails in Fish Creek Pk, some great single-track and a great day riding, temp near 0C. Changed the tires on the Doz from 28c road tires to 35c knobbies. Later rode down to Memory Express S and back. See map on strava.com, and another map on strava.com
16-dec-07 1.00 At 1625, rode on the the Doz over to get A, took him to N Hill on his bike to get a haircut. Dropped him off again and rode hm in the dark. Doz just flies even w 35C knobbies.
17-dec-07 12.00 Evening drv David’s truck to Marg’s, drv her to airport, then rode my bike hm from her place.
18-dec-07 5.00 Rd 2 wk 4 900, wk through lunch, rd hm 1700 v tired.
19-dec-07 8.00 rd hm by 1930,
20-dec-07 6.00 rode 2 lunch yoga for first time since Aug
21-dec-07 5.00 rode 2 wk for 0900. Wk til 1730, rd hm
22-dec-07 1.00 got hm, rode around park in the dark.
23-dec-07 22.00 I rode over to MemoryExpress. then rode up to 64 Ave, cross Deerfoot, down Nose Creek & back hm. See map on strava.com
24-dec-07 5.00 rd 2 wk. left wk 1430, rd hm
25-dec-07 1.00 Took kids for a walk up to Tom Campbell’s Hill; rode back on Vento bike.
26-dec-07 45.00 Noontime I decided to ride down to Memory Express S. Then rode downtown to office. Jumped on C-Train to Dalhousie Stn, 20 min to there, but then 15 more to DonLo’s. End result, no faster than riding my bike from downtown. Ferried an abandoned bike over to Bow Cycle. Then rd hm on pathway – quite warm -4C, roads greasy w sticky new snow. See map on strava.com
27-dec-07 10.00 mid-aft ride to London Drugs, then downtown to office, then to Raja for dinner, then hm
28-dec-07 5.00 rode to work and back
29-dec-07 1.00 Rode from N. Canmore across TCH to Beamers Cafe and back.
30-dec-07 1.00 Rode around BlackForest Heights neighbourhood in Invermere.
31-dec-07 1.00 Rode around BlackForest Heights neighbourhood in Invermere.

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