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In search of the man who broke my neck

17 Mar

In this TED talk, journalist Josh Prager examines catastrophe, destiny, forgiveness and closure. Have you had a similar experience? Is forgiving yourself different from forgiving someone else?


broken neck

Ignore the critic

23 Dec

Benefits of FES

18 Sep

Benefits of FES

A good article on functional electrical stimulation, and why people with limited mobility should be using it. I am very happy to have the opportunity to use this technology.


cross country

6 Sep

flying cross-country in a hang glider, except on a rock face. I once had a chance to climb a multi-pitch route with no fixed anchors and no protection, and it sure was liberating.



6 Sep

 It’s good to have friends


Sierra Safari

2 Sep

 An excellent piece on why we fly. Hike and fly was what I was doing when I was injured.


Cirque Pk.

2 Sep

 spectacular panorama taken by my nephew Nigel


What it feels like to be quadriplegic

31 Aug

A well-written piece from a victim of a drunk driver.

And there ain’t no more !

30 Aug

I keep increasing the resistance on my FES  bike, and my legs keep responding and rising to the challenge. Today, during my sprint workout, I increased the resistance to as high as it would go, 20 Newton-meters, and increased the speed to as high as it would go, 55 rpm, and lo and behold: my legs put out 115 watts for a few seconds! I got the same result on all 5 of my sprints. I finished up with 7 minutes cool down at 40 watts. I can honestly say I never thought I would get to this point. It’s basically unheard of.

I will keep working out at least 3 times a week and try to gradually extend the length of time I can operate at this highest power level. Good times!

To all of you that helped raise funds for this device, once again I am deeply indebted to you.

Untitled 2

Standing tall

11 Aug

I try to stand up using my standing chair a minimum of 1 hour per day. Some days I can only manage 20 minutes or half an hour, while other days I can exceed for one hour mark. But yesterday I set a new record: I stood for three and a half hours! This was not all in one go, but spread over 25 times standing.I thought I might be completely worn out today, but I’m off to a good start again. Maybe my body is slowly getting used to the idea of standing.