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Helmets on in City Council

5 Jul

Cyclists showing their support for the motion to approve the Cycle Strategy by Calgary City Council.  BTW, it passed!


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21 Jun

Waiting for the session to start – at the Standing Policy Committee on Land Use, Planning and Transportation, where the Cycle Strategy was about to be discussed. Eighteen of twenty speakers spoke in favour of it (only Gary Beaton and one other lone cyclist were against it), and the Strategy was approved by a substantial majority. Next stop, approval by Council!



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Planning the Strategy

12 Jun

A coalition of all major cycling groups in Calgary met to analyse the just-released Cycle Strategy, and plan how to respond to it.   Tour de Nuit Society did not respond to an invitation, and did not participate.  The session was facilitated by former alderman Bob Hawkesworth. 



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Folding bikes on Calgary Transit buses

8 Jun

As of July 1st, 2011, Calgary Transit will be allowing folding bikes (20″ or smaller wheels) on all of their buses and trains at all hours of the day and night (provided they’re in a bag).  Full-size bikes are already allowed on the C-Train outside of peak hours (6:30-9:00 and 15:30-18:00).    The light-hearted video below tells the story of two cyclist friends who decide to test use the new system. 


Slow Down!

5 May

Do you think this will have any impact on the motorists in Calgary? 


(Okay, it was actually for a good cause: the 2011 Bike To Work Day.  Thanks to Sarah Covey for the video clip). 

Bike Commuting in Downtown Calgary

20 Apr

I cycle to work every day through downtown Calgary.  My commute takes me under 10 minutes, as I live close to my office – less than 3 km – so this is clearly the best way to get to work.  If I were to drive a car, it would take at least twice as long, or longer, and cost me up $6000/year in parking.  Taking the bus would be cheaper, but again, much slower.   And neither of those two options are as much fun as riding my bike! 

Here’s a video clip showing my daily commute.  Now, when riding a bike I’m definitely paying attention to my surroundings, unlike some of the motorists I encounter. In the video I comment on some of what’s going through my head while I’m riding, and text captions indicate some of what I’m doing on the road. Your thoughts?

Licky Lick Ride

22 Aug


1st stop – at Amato Gelato