pushing 23W

12 Apr

Pushing 22W in my FES bike session yesterday. Earlier in the week, I hit the peak of 23. Interval training is paying off!


I broke my neck, not my brain

23 Mar


I broke my neck, not my brain!


Mobility and strength

24 Feb

I am finally getting enough mobility and strength in my shoulders to be able to raise my hands up behind my head.


Goodbye to Gillian

23 Feb

I said goodbye today to Gillian, a medical student who has volunteered every weekend since October to help me progress in the gym. Thank you Gillian!


Standing up hugs

13 Feb

Standing up hugs, the best there is!


Riding the hand cycle

31 Jan

Riding the hand cycle at the University of Calgary last night. My coach Stephen Burke is riding the bike on the left in the background, while 2 other participants are riding on the right. I managed to ride for an hour, and it was really hard work just to keep the pedals moving.


Sitting practice

12 Jan

Sitting practice this afternoon. With little or no abdominal muscles or erector spinae, this is actually quite difficult to do. On the other hand, this gives me a huge sense of accomplishment when I am able to stay sitting up for 5 or 10 minutes.


Christopher Reeve

8 Jan

Christopher Reeve riding my girlfriend Julie’s horse at a jumping competition in Millarville, Alberta around 1993. He has inspired me to keep pushing forward.


Hand bike training

14 Dec

Another day training with coach Steven Burke. I rode three km, two miles, during my training session. I have been dreaming of hand cycling for over a year, since early after my accident. Finally it is coming to fruition.



7 Oct

Trying out the bioness h 200 device at in step physical therapy in Edmonton. By providing electrical stimulation to my arm muscles, this device may help me to develop a grasp. If it works, I’ll be a bionic man.