Sitting on the grass

7 Oct

Sitting by myself on the grass, for the first time in a year! Thanks to the Phat Boyz biking club in Invermere for their help and assistance.



19 Sep


you may find it hard to imagine how good I felt when this picture was taken on thursday at synaptic. After all, what is so special about sitting in a paraplegic’s wheelchair? Well, two things : firstly, has a higher level quadriplegic, to be able to sit in a chair where is no lateral support and not immediately fall out is a big accomplishment. Secondly, I found I was able to make it move forward by myself. True, only for a very short distance. Previously I had not dared imagine I might one day be strong enough to accomplish this.



23 Aug

Just sitting around

well this was fun! As we were wrapping up my training session on tuesday, I asked my trainer if I could sit up for a minute. Since I’m on a mat, what’s the worst that can happen? I fall over onto a padded surface. So we gave it a shot.

Julie help pull me into a sitting position, and my trainer supported me from behind while I concentrated on holding my head up with a proud chest, i.e. sitting with good posture. After a moment, my trainer startled me by telling me she wasn’t holding on to me. After another attempt, i sat by myself for a full 8 minutes until we ran out of class time.

Once I acquire some technology to lift me out of the wheelchair when I am outdoors, I look forward to just sitting on the grass in the park!


working out

5 Aug

Since monday july 30th, I have been working out 5 days a week, 2 hours per day, at the canadian paraplegic association gym in calgary. After another week of intense exercise, I will move to a 3 days per week schedule for the remainder of the 36 week program. Kelly nitchie, in the photo with me, is an excellent trainer with a deep understanding of muscles and range of motion. I am convinced I will finish the program with more capabilities then I went in with.



2 Aug

Since monday off this week, I have been participating in an intense exercise program organized by the canadian paraplegic association. I go every day for 2 hours. The physical trainer is helping me regain range of motion, increase strength and stamina, and recruit muscles I had not been able to previously. I am thrilled to have a chance to participate in this program!


home sweet home

28 Jul

Home sweet home! After 6 months waiting in the hospital to find a place to live, I have had the great fortune to be selected to live at the fourth dimension group home. There are 11 residents in the home, and the staff are familiar with helping people with spinal cord injuries. My room is very large, in fact so large that if it were in the hospital there would be 2 beds in it. So, I have lots of room for my own furniture and exercise equipment. I think I will enjoy living here for a period of time.


accessible van

23 Jul

After selling my car, my toys, and most of my furniture, I scraped together sufficient shekels to buy a used handicapped accessible minivan. It’s a 2009 Toyota Sienna with a power ramp and power doors. I can ride in the passenger location or, with the addition of hand controls, actually drive the vehicle myself. For now, I am quite content to let someone else do the driving, like Julie.


on the pond

23 Jul

A little more than a year since my last visit to this delightful little pond near millarville. alas, mister muskrat did not appear, but it was a beautiful afternoon and a great spot for a romantic afternoon picnic.


which item

15 Jul

Question: which of the following 2 items is more likely to be the subject of this photo? Some kind of food, or a bowel movement on a plate? hint: the photo was taken at the foothills medical center


pancake breakfast

8 Jul

This morning I got help to get me up extra early, then I grabbed 419 community bus and went down to the hillhurst sunnyside community center, where my provincial mla, doctor david swann, was hosting a pancake breakfast.

I let him know about the chronic shortage of long term care beds in Calgary. The conservative government has not added infrastructure to keep up with the increase in population over the past decade. As a result, someone literally has to die in order for someone new to get into a care facility.

I also got a chance to make the same point to kent hehr, mla for calgary buffalo riding. kent has a particular awareness for the subject, because he is a high level quadriplegic.

After my work was done, it was time to socialize. I met raj sharman, the alberta liberal leader, followed by bob rae, the federal liberal leader. The best was saved for last: I got to meet justin trudeau. My dad worked with his dad 25 years ago.