Good bike ride

28 Apr



Thanks to my daughter and brother who set me up, I had a really good 2 hour ride yesterday on my FES bike. I have been getting slowly stronger over the past months, and the graph above shows my power output during my ride. Peak power was around 94W, while the highest and average power during a 3 minute interval was about 69W. Best of all, I burnt about 700 calories during my ride.


On the pathway

29 Jun


I wanted to try pushing my wheelchair outdoors, so we went to this section of pathway near Edworthy park. A path straight and sloped slightly downhill, so it should be great, right? Not so much. The pathway has a slight sideways slope to it, and I’m not strong enough yet to be able to keep going in a straight line. I needed continual help with steering to avoid rolling off the side of path. After going 300 m, I decided to call it an evening. ┬áThis is the farthest I’ve pushed my wheelchair outdoors, so that is a good start.

I think next I will try pushing the chair in an indoor shopping mall. I may have more luck with that.