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On-line kayaking instruction

21 Sep


I found a good website for paddling instruction. They make extensive use of flash animation to demonstrate the key elements of the basic kayaking strokes, rescues and eskimo rolls. Check it out!

They just made it up

21 Sep

The RCMP have been claiming that software piracy costs Canada $30 Billion annually. That's a very large number!  It turns out that they just fabricated that number. In other words, they lied.   Read the full story.

New kayak

19 Sep

Last week I picked up a new Delta Kayaks Twelve Ten kayak and immediately took it out in the Columbia River and rolled it. Ernst Schneider was on hand to film my attempts. For good measure I also rolled an Old Town Loon 120 kayak that my brother James and I share; it seems to roll pretty well also! You can see the video on YouTube, or below:

You can read my review of the Twelve Ten on

A few weeks ago, I demoed another kayak, an Impex Mystic, and rolled it as well. You can see that roll on YouTube, or below: