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Life, love, and loss

1 Nov

Some thoughts by climbing legend Stephanie Davis


The sounds of paragliding

2 Oct

Get a good pair of stereo speakers and enjoy the sounds that accompany the stunning visual images in this short video about paragliding.



Chris Hadfield on risk and reward

24 Mar

Chris Hadfield paints a vivid portrait of how to be prepared for the worst in space (and life).

And yet, nothing in my 37 years of flying experience helped me prepare for the situation that led to the accident that injured my spinal cord. I wonder, was I  a good student during all those years?






Never Come Down

15 Feb

Ive had similar experiences flying at this same location in Brazil.


Learning to fly

24 Jun

Here is a great little movie about the process of learning to fly hang glider.


12 Jun

What can extreme sport participants do upon the Death of a friend?

Wheels up

15 May

Perhaps one day I will be able to fly again.

Why walk when you can fly

15 May

Here is a fascinating film about Nathan, a British man with cerebral palsy that learns how to fly. I learned a lot about the condition by watching this video.

Nathan: why walk when you can fly?


Video about my accident

29 Jan

Here’s a video that was made by a local film maker about my accident and recovery process. if you cannot see the video or play it, please click on the link below .



19 Sep

 will gadd launching from Mount Lady  McDonald on the day of my accident. I launched a few minutes later. The weather conditions were perfect, as you can see.