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Good bike ride

28 Apr



Thanks to my daughter and brother who set me up, I had a really good 2 hour ride yesterday on my FES bike. I have been getting slowly stronger over the past months, and the graph above shows my power output during my ride. Peak power was around 94W, while the highest and average power during a 3 minute interval was about 69W. Best of all, I burnt about 700 calories during my ride.

6 Cliché Phrases That You’ll Never Hear Me Say

12 Apr

6 Cliché Phrases That You’ll Never Hear Me Say –

Spinal shocks revive paralysed legs

8 Apr

Spinal shocks revive paralysed legs says the BBC.

And here’s the CBC news story on the same topic.

CNN news has a short video on the same topic, as does Global TV News.

While these stories are all good news, of course, there is apparently nothing immediately new being reported at this time, according to a specialist website that deals with spinal cord injury research. Still, they post a good dozen or more links to mainstream media reports on this same story.

So, which media source do you think has the most informative and illuminating coverage?