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Great Divide Trail

10 Jan

Today I skied the Great Divide Trail, from near Lake Louise to the BC-Alberta boundary with friend Michael Gray.  It’s about 7 km each way. It was cool, about -8C, at the parking lot when we left.  But as we dropped down the hill to the divide marker and our turn-around point, the headwind picked up to about 30 km/h and temperature dropped what seemed like 10C.  We ate our lunch quickly while stomping feet to try to keep warm.

The sled dogs making the run up and down the trail carrying paying tourists got all excited when they smelled the Eskimo sled dog that Michael had brought along to do some skijoring. One of the less-skilled operators was unable to keep control of his dogs.


My Lawren Harris moment


Guess the prevailing wind direction


Here come the sleds


Heading home


Feeding the dogs


Wave-influenced cap cloud over Mts. Inglismaldie, Peechee, and Girourd