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sitting up

31 Aug

In this video, I may look like I’m sitting up in a fairly solid position, but I feel like an egg balanced on its end. After only 2 gym sessions practicing sitting, today I found new challenge waiting for me.


Berkel Bike

29 Aug

Customers Experience of the 3 BerkelBike Models (by BerkelBikeEnglish)

 my FES  bike is stationary, but being able to move around on a bike path is appealing.


bench press

29 Aug

Bench pressing weights at the gym. Who knew that a simple wooden dowel could be so heavy?



23 Aug

Just sitting around

well this was fun! As we were wrapping up my training session on tuesday, I asked my trainer if I could sit up for a minute. Since I’m on a mat, what’s the worst that can happen? I fall over onto a padded surface. So we gave it a shot.

Julie help pull me into a sitting position, and my trainer supported me from behind while I concentrated on holding my head up with a proud chest, i.e. sitting with good posture. After a moment, my trainer startled me by telling me she wasn’t holding on to me. After another attempt, i sat by myself for a full 8 minutes until we ran out of class time.

Once I acquire some technology to lift me out of the wheelchair when I am outdoors, I look forward to just sitting on the grass in the park!


manual chair

16 Aug

Yesterday a fellow resident at my group home let me try his old manual wheelchair. I managed to push it all away from my room to the dining room for dinner, and then back again. It’s about 20 meters in each direction. This is the first time I have really pushed a chair, and it comes 1 year and 1 day after my accident. A great way to celebrate anniversary.


working out

5 Aug

Since monday july 30th, I have been working out 5 days a week, 2 hours per day, at the canadian paraplegic association gym in calgary. After another week of intense exercise, I will move to a 3 days per week schedule for the remainder of the 36 week program. Kelly nitchie, in the photo with me, is an excellent trainer with a deep understanding of muscles and range of motion. I am convinced I will finish the program with more capabilities then I went in with.



2 Aug

Since monday off this week, I have been participating in an intense exercise program organized by the canadian paraplegic association. I go every day for 2 hours. The physical trainer is helping me regain range of motion, increase strength and stamina, and recruit muscles I had not been able to previously. I am thrilled to have a chance to participate in this program!