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intouchables theme

22 Apr

So much beauty, so much sadness.

intouchables theme

Bike polo 2013 kick off game

20 Apr

Three days before this picture was taken, the field was still covered in snow. And likely within an hour after the picture was taken, the field will be covered again in snow! The wind was howling out of the north, and it was sleeting sideways, but nothing could stop us from: starting out the bike polo season. The boys body in for games before the weather deteriprated too much to continue.



TEDxVancouver – Aaron Coret & Stephen Slen – Finding your Passion

17 Apr

TEDxVancouver – Aaron Coret & Stephen Slen – Finding your Passion


Tricep pushups

14 Apr

Doing some pushup type maneuvers at the gym, while sitting on the nu step machine, with assistance from electrical stimulation on my triceps. If you look closely, you can see the triceps engaging. I am trying to use this stimulation to increase the strength of my triceps, since they are very weak and barely functioning. At my level of injury, they should not be functioning at all.


pushing 23W

12 Apr

Pushing 22W in my FES bike session yesterday. Earlier in the week, I hit the peak of 23. Interval training is paying off!



7 Apr

A description of the features of the nu step seated step trainer.