21 Aug

Today my dad is again off his oxygen, and doing well. He had it on overnight, as he breathes a little less deeply at night, and requires just a little assistance. For now, they will continue monitor, and only put on his oxygen if he needs it. As for the wheening off of the norepinephrine, it’s taking them a little longer, and my dad’s pressure drops just a little below where they are comfortable having it. They have lowered him to half of what the minimum dose is. He was on the minimum dose this whole week. As for sensation, he is able to feel down to the inner part of his elbow on his right arm, and just below the shoulder on the left. His toes started moving involuntarily 2 days ago, and even move when I tickle his toes. The doctors don’t seem too excited about this new develpment, and are saying that it could just be a muscle twitch. When my dad moves to the neuro/spine floor the doctors there will know more.
This afternoon my dad was trying to rotate his wrist in and out on his lap, and I was able to see some movement there! It’s very small, and easily missed, but my brother and I deffinilty saw movement more than once! The doctors again are not saying much, as I don’t think they want to get our hopes up. But the fact that he is conciously moving his hand I think is huge! It means the nerves are still connected there, and will hopefully regain a lot more movement as time goes on.
The doctors are also saying that he will most likely be moved upstairs to the neuro/spinal floor by tomorrow night.
He was up to his wheel chair again today, and was doing well sitting there for a couple hours. Hopefully we will be able to take him outside soon!
He is still really tiered, and not up for many visitors at this time. Hopefully by the end of next week he will be doing better. Let me know if anyone wants to come visit this week, and I will check with him. I think having a couple visitors a day really cheers him up, and is good for his spirits.

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