5 Sep

Today my dad was feeling a lot better than the last couple days. They caught the pneumonia really quick, and started him on a really strong antibiotic. He will be on that for a couple days. 

Last night my dad decided to stop taking the seroquel that they’ve been giving him. The seroquel helps calm him down, and helps with his sleeping. He had a little trouble sleeping last night, but woke up refreshed, instead of the usual drowsy all day. He’s going to not take it again tonight, and see how things go.

My dad and I go through a series of work outs everyday, hoping to improve his movement. Today, he all of a sudden was able to lift his arm up towards his face! Unbelievably exciting! He hasn’t been able to lift his arm yet! He still doesn’t have control of his wrist, so his hand kind of drags the arm back down, but he’s working on it!

Later on when Julie came in, my dad was going to show her what he had done today. Julie and I were watching his hand and all of a sudden he spread his fingers! Julie and I both saw it, so I know that I wasn’t imagining it. Hopefully he will be able to do this again tomorrow, to show us that it wasn’t a muscle spasm (which he’s been getting in his legs) and that he really was able to move his fingers.

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