22 Sep

Today my dad was in physio, and he told them that he couldn’t believe that he could open the wheel chair door all by himself. They went down to the main floor just so they could see it for themselves! It’s really encouraging for him that he’s impressing them with what he can do so far. 
His sleeping is really hit or miss lately. Some nights he sleeps fine, and others he wakes up often. Although he’s usually not sleeping. They’re working on adjusting his sleeping pills, and hopefully getting a psychiatrist to come in and teach him tricks to falling asleep.

Tonight they also switched him rooms. He’s still got an individual room, but now it’s a little further from the nurse’s station and rec room, so hopefully it’ll be a little quieter. 

Today he also booked another swallow test for later this week. Hopefully he passes because he’s dying to get some real food and lots of cold drinks into him!!

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